Soft & Hard – Finding a Balance

In all aspects of our lives we need to have balance. That’s an issue I struggle with on a daily basis in several areas.  When it comes to design, the story is no different. Finding a balance between the hard clean lines of most modern pieces and a certain amount of welcoming softness is a constant challenge for me.  After making many mistakes and being left with cold uncomfortable rooms, I finally figured out that adding more plants, layering  texture with fabrics/art and implementing proper lighting was the key to achieving the warm modern feeling I was after.  The spaces below have a well-balanced modern mix of form and comfort.





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Creative Workspace

My business partner and I have recently decided to relocate to a new office. We’ll be moving to our new location at the end of this month. Our current office is really charming. In fact, the building we are in now used to be the original movie theater in my town. However, the space has become a huge source of frustration for us because it’s in constant disrepair. Our landlords (and their family) have owned the property since the 1920’s and they haven’t done and don’t plan to do any upkeep in the near future.  Point is: We’re just ready for a fresh space. Of course, my mind has been reeling about plans for the design of the new office. It’s important to me to be in a creative environment – It makes my time at work much more enjoyable. Here are some inspirational work spaces that I’ve found.










1. love the black and white color pallette. (or lack thereof) 

2. these shelves. 

3. surrounded by art

4. long desk love

5. old & new mix

Graphic Garden – succulent love



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I’ve always loved succulents. I think I was drawn to them initially because they are easy to care for and don’t require much attention, but over the years, my passion for these fat little (and sometimes outrageously huge) wonderful specimens has grown tremendously. I now have a wide variety in my garden, my deck and even indoors.  Their naturally graphic form is a true sight to behold.




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